Consents from SPCB

Under the provisions of Air and Water Acts, an entrepreneur running or establishing any industry or process, and discharging effluent/emitting pollutants into any water resources or on land/air and polluting thereby the environmental water/air is required to obtain consent, which needs to obtained in two phases

Consent to Establish: This consent is to be obtained prior to establishing any industry or process.

Consent to Operate: A once the industry or process plant is established along the required pollution control systems, the entrepreneur is required to obtain consent to operate the unit.

Consent to Renewal: This consent is given for a particular period, which needs to be renewed regularly

All construction and Industrial projects obtaining environmental clearance are necessarily required to obtain consent to Establish and Operate from respective State Pollution Control Boards

Consulting Role of EDE–

  1. Data collection, scrutiny of data, technical advice, applicability of legal challans.
  2. Drafting applications and submissions to Pollution Control boards.
  3. Co-ordination for field visits, explanation of facts and figures to the field officers from SPCB.
  4. Submission of satisfactory answers to queries if any from SPCB.
  5. Liasoning for obtaining consent to establish and operate.