Green Ratings / Certifications

A range of certifications have been developed for effective implementation of sustainable habitats. These certifications help in effective implementation of practices for conservation of natural resources, optimization of energy efficiency, healthier spaces for people. Obtaining pre-certification from the following authorities also helps in fast racking Environmental Clearance procedure vide office memorandum No. 19-58/2011-IA-III dated 10.05.2011 issued by Ministry of Environment and Forests.

The certifications useful for fast tracking of environmental clearances are –

  1. Indian green building council (IGBC) offers certifications for Green Homes/townships/SEZ/IT buildings/Factory buildings/landscape designs as well as LEED Certification (Leadership in energy and environment design).
  2. Ministry of new and Renewable Energy (MNRE) offers GRIHA (green rating for integrated habitat assessment) certification. This certification also provides some incentives to developers and stakeholders

Consulting Role of EDE–

  1. Project scrutiny for applicability of certification and costing
  2. Data collection, scrutiny of data
  3. Project registration and design submittals
  4. Review and followup for pre-certification
  5. Data collection and submission for final review
  6. Obtaining final certification